Wake up Britain

Wake Up Britain!


By Protectorate-
As a student was jailed for making 'racist tweets', our freedom slips away that little bit further.

The latest victim of liberal oppression is one Liam Stacey, 21, of Pontypridd, who broke down as he was given an incredible 56 day jail sentence for making what the simpering liberal judge called "vile and abhorrent" comments mocking footballer Fabrice Muamba on Twitter after the player collapsed during a match.

Just how many followers Liam has, or how many people were actually aware of what he said before yesterday, is an altogether different subject. And the fact that Liam was drunk when he posted these comments doesn't seem to have been taken into account at all. It certainly wasn't when he was suspended from Swansea university pending 'disciplinary investigations'.

Now no-one here at the British National Party in anyway condones the comments made by this young man, but we defend his right to say them. It's called freedom of speech.

Let's remember that this 'freedom of speech' is the very foundation of our democracy. And freedom of speech is not limited to making nice comments.

People of Britain, wake up! You are sleep-walking into a liberal-PC Marxist police state. Don't believe me? Get yourself on Twitter today and start posting something 'inappropriate'. How long before YOU receive the knock on your door?

What next, police grasses informing on the things you said in the pub? People whispering when they're out, just in case they're overheard by the state's watchers? This is exactly what the former East Germany was like. And if we're not careful, this is what we're heading for here.

And it's all one-way. Remember what happened to another victim of current British 'freedom of speech' - Emma West. She was taken away from her children and jailed too. And all the while, not one of the offensive and violent counter-threats made on YouTube or Twitter by non-whites was even followed up. Let alone prosecuted.

There is an alternative. There is a political Party that not only defends our ancient freedoms but that fights for them - The British National Party.

We defend freedom of speech. Whether we agree with it or not. It's what our forefathers fought and died for during the civil war; it's presumably what we fought the Two World Wars for and it's what we in the British National Party will continue to fight for!

Join us, before they come for you.
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