The Two-Tier System in Action

The English Defence League often discusses the two-tier system of justice and policing in Britain.
There are two sets of rules, one applying to Muslim immigrants, the other applying to “persons of British background”.
Needless to say, the law lets Muslims off very lightly, if it punishes them at all, while white Britons are punished severely for the same — or much less serious — offences

Using CCTV footage from two separate incidents, Vlad Tepes illustrates the two-tier system in action. In the first sequence you’ll see young Muslim women in Leicester beating up a native British girl while calling her a “white slag” and other racially-charged epithets. In the second you’ll see a group of whites in Carlisle hurling racial insults — but using no violence — against the proprietor of a kebab shop.

First case: The girls walked out of court with no prison time.

Second case: The people shouting insults were sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

This is the reality of “justice” in Modern Multicultural Britain:

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