Britain's third world

The third world degeneration of a once proud nation

By Clive Jefferson - We are now witnessing the alarming, shocking and tragic slide from a safe, stable country, the Britain we all grew up in, to a place where the horrors of the Third World are now becoming commonplace in our society.
This week in Milton Keynes, two machete wielding gangs are on the loose, forcing their way into houses and attacking people in their own homes.

Last Tuesday, four black men in their mid-twenties carrying bats and a machete ran into a house in Farthing Grove, Netherfield, at about 6.13pm after a woman answered the door to them.

They searched the house and took a mobile phone and when the woman’s boyfriend confronted them they began attacking him before leaving. They left one occupant, a man, with machete wounds to his arm and head and he was treated at Milton Keynes Hospital.

This horrific crime, a machete wielding gang of blacks bursting into someone’s home, apparently at random for the sum total of a mobile phone is truly alarming and what is more alarming is that this has just gone unnoticed and unreported on anywhere other than local news websites.

This is not the first such incident in the area, in November two men armed with machetes forced their way into a house in Tolcarn Avenue, Fishermead where they threatened a family, including two teenage boys and a three-year-old girl, and demanded cash and jewellery.

Nobody has been arrested for either incident and police are not linking the two aggravated burglaries meaning they think that is a different gang of machete wielding blacks!

The residents association have made a bizarre statement which is an indication of just how far people’s expectations have sunk in modern Britain, they said: “These sorts of things happen for a number of reasons and sadly these days it doesn’t take much.”

Anyone with information about these incidents is urged to call Detective Constable Greg Hughes on the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

This is Britain in 2012 and I think it’s shocking. A sizable majority of the population are sleepwalking into social breakdown, lawlessness, rape and violence being so common place it is hardly worthy of any notice.

What the hell is wrong with people? It does not have to be like this, we know how to restore order and respect to our society but no one in the political establishment has the balls to do it!
We do.
Vote British National Party – before it’s too late!
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