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Britain Spites History and Signs Away Its Sovereignty


Britain’s history of miracles made it great. The Lisbon Treaty represents the shameful end to that history.

No nation outside of ancient Israel has experienced more cases of divine intervention than that of Great Britain. I challenge you to find one!

And not just little everyday miracles either—although there have been plenty of those too—but national life-saving, history-altering events. Events that have no explanation but that of divine intervention. Miracles without which the nation would have ceased to exist.

Britain is turning its back on those miracles. Its people have forgotten, and its politicians are endeavoring to sign away the independence of a nation that is only independent and free today because of those many miracles.

Wake up, Britain! The Lisbon Treaty is an attempt to end your national sovereignty.

Remember the “Invincible Armada.” 1588:
Remember Napoleon.
Remember Waterloo.
Remember the Miracle at Dunkirk
Remember the Battle of Britain and how Hitler boasted he would “erase” British cities.
Remember the Sinking of the Bismarck.
Remember the Miracle at El Alamein in Egypt
British Battles...... (Here is a little of our history for your children that they may not teach in school anymore)

There is much to remember.

Yet British politicians have turned their back on that history and the thousands of miracles that have preserved their nation’s independence.

On December 13, 2007 Prime Minister Gordon Brown signed the constitutional Lisbon Treaty—a treaty that, in fact and in law, transfers British sovereignty to the European Union. Contrary to what some British politicians have claimed, many of the British “opt-outs” are little more than footnotes, having little if any legal weight.

Sadly, in what amounts to a criminal act—at least by the spirit of the law if not the letter—UK politicians plan to sign away British sovereignty without even permitting a national referendum on the issue.

Will Britain remember its history?
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