"I wrote that letter!"

Sat, 11/01/2014

The 'news' of Nick being made bankrupt is a media frenzy, but why was there not a word in the same rags when he stopped British involvement in a war on Syria last year?

We reproduce the Syrian story here for our new readers - the ones from who the media have hid this truth from.

At the 2013 British National Party Conference, Nick Griffin MEP stunned and delighted delegates by revealing that he personally wrote the letter sent by the Speaker of the Syrian Peoples' Assembly to John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons and to British MPs.

Sent to MPs on the eve of the historic but totally unexpected Commons vote against David Cameron's proposed Cruise missile attack on Syria, the letter was privately said by BBC sources to have had a significant effect on a number of waverers.

The resulting wafer-thin margin of just 13 votes - in reality just seven individual Conservative MPs making the brave decision to defy the hysteria for war - makes it highly likely that the letter from the Syrian Speaker, on behalf of Syrian MPs, was the decisive factor in swinging the vote in favour of peace and the diplomatic solution that has now been agreed.

Mr Griffin in Syria
Mr. Griffin told the Conference that, at the height of the preparations for war, he had got in touch with a high-level contact he had made on his first visit to Syria, back in June, and offered to travel to Damascus in order to help develop and propose an appeal for a peaceful solution.

The offer was accepted and Mr. Griffin, BNP National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and party Head of Publicity Charlie Wythe were duly given visa clearance and official transport from the Lebanese border, together with access to senior government officials and advisors.

Together, the Syrians and the BNP team "put meat on the bones" of offers for inspection visits by British MPs and chemical weapons experts, parallel to the UN mission already present.
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