United States of Europe

EU official admits; We want a United States of Europe:

By Shetlandman- Well, we in the patriotic nationalist movement have been saying it for years and well before reserve Tory Nigel Farage made it his tune, that the EU has a nasty plan to destroy British democracy by forming a United States of Europe.
It's just we never expected a top EU Commissar to admit to it yet before it was too late for us.
Viviane Reding, vice president of the European Commission and who is the longest serving Brussels commissioner is calling for a true political union to be placed before us in the EU election agenda this May.
We need to build a United States of Europe with the Commission as government and two chambers, the European Parliament and a Senate of Member States she tells us.
Vivian Reding
Well there we have it, the plan for the British Parliament is to reduce it to a local council chamber and the Scottish Parliament will be reduced to a Scottish Community Council. Alex Salmond's plan for Scottish independence is 100 per cent flattened. We have to wonder how much extra would EU Commission members receive on top of their well-paid positions, with lovely expenses and a generous pension for life. The EU Commission seems to be drugged up on self-importance and is delusional.

If Commissioner Reding's vision, which we reckon the EU Commission whole-heartedly supports, actually happens, then democracy is dead and we will be governed by bureaucrats and the majority leaders, which now come from Eastern Europe.
The only ray of hope against the now exposed evil plan of the EC is that people across Europe will turn out in force and vote for anti-EU political parties. It is one where the people can take back control from the European Commissioners by electing along with the public in Europe anti-EU MEPs.
If the pro-EU candidates win, we have the possibility that the master plan to take away democracy from us will push ahead.

They will bring Turkey into the EU meaning that the Scottish EU border will end next door to Iraq, Iran and Syria.
Is that what you want for your children or grandchildren's future? It would mean total access to all of Europe by tens if not hundreds of thousands of dangerous Islamic terrorists flooding across a non-guarded large border.

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