British schoolgirls raped

Islamic Rape Wave Continues in Great Britain

Great Britain's message to the world: "We will show you how tolerant we are by allowing you to gang-rape our children."

South Shields - Two schoolgirls were raped at a house where vulnerable youngsters were taken advantage of by older Asian men, a court heard.

A 14-year-old victim was held down by Raabsan Khan and Abu Sufian while Ferdoush Hasan raped her in a sickening attack last February, it is claimed.

Her ordeal was just days after another 14-year-old visitor at the property at Beaufront Terrace, South Shields, was taken into one of the rooms and raped by Hasan acting alone, jurors have heard.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the house was occupied by multiple foreign students, including the trio from Bangladesh, who were studying at South Tyneside College.

Ferdoush and Raabsan Khan Abu Sufian
Ferdoush and Raabsan Khan - and Abu Sufian

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