Sharia court in Syria

Invading Sunni muslims force sharia law on occupied Aleppo Syria

Friday, September 12, 2013 Eeyore

I would have to say this video is in the top 4 of all counter-jihad videos I have done since I started this project. I cannot think of a more clear example of how Islam operates.
An area is taken over by any means possible, and Islam, a barbaric and primitive system of living beyond the comprehension and imaginations of civilized people,
becomes the law, enforced by chimps and brutally and perhaps worse, arbitrarily.
This video has been a three day project by a lot of people and I would like to thank all of them. First of all, M for finding it and sending it, S. Victoria who spent some time with it, and C.B. Sashenka who stayed up all night writing it out and then working with me all day to time it. I sincerely hope you all feel it was worth the effort.

Lastly and mostly, the people who went and made this thing deserve a Pulitzer. I cannot imagine having the courage to be in a room with these jihadis and when told to stop filming managed to just keep on going knowing what would happen to them if they were caught. I hope they are not upset with our translation and republication.

Clip originally found at F Desouche.
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