Searchlight Exposed exists for two reasons:

ONE, to serve as an online warning to the general media about the true nature and activities of the so-called “anti-fascist” Searchlight Magazine, and its publisher, Gerry Gable; and

TWO, to keep a public record of the outrageous lies, exaggerations and distortions which Gable and his magazine produce.

Searchlight Exposed

The general media, for reasons best known to themselves, continues to look up to Gable and Searchlight magazine as some sort of “fountain of truth” when it comes to nationalist politics in Britain.

Why this should be so, is baffling – given the long list of lies and distortions which is Gable’s track record, and which has, quite literally, cost institutions such as the BBC millions of pounds in damages.

Gable has also been sued in person, successfully, on a number of occasions. The details of these, and other incidents, have been compiled into this web site. (Link below.)

Gable, nor anyone else employed by his error-prone, lie-ridden magazine deserves to be employed as a journalist. They most certainly shouldn't be consulted by any responsible media outlet - print or broadcast - as consultants on any aspect of politics, history or current affairs.

Most magazines are published in part for profit; Searchlight is not. Its registered circulation of 6,900 is almost certainly a gross exaggeration; its real circulation is believed to be not much more than 3,000. Of these, a tiny fraction go to members of the general public, and indeed, many of these are bought by "fascists". The magazine's distributors do not even bother to collect the money from shop outlets. So what is the purpose of Searchlight if it is not a commercial undertaking and is not distributed to the public?

The answer is that this monthly is subsidised by someone or some organisation for the express purpose of political disinformation. As documented on this web site, Gable's connections with the British Secret State Service are not only well documented, but self-admitted.
In addition, Searchlight actively seeks censorship, the destruction of free speech, and publishes personal details of individuals it does not like – all with the express intention of causing trouble, a fact stated by a judge in a court of law.

Lastly, the fact that Gable and almost all of those who run Searchlight, are ardent out-and-out hardcore Communists who all have active records in the most radical, extremist leftist organisations in Britain’s history, should serve as a healthy warning to all those who seek their opinion on anything.

The reader has been warned – now you are invited to peruse the appalling record of Gerry Gable and Searchlight at,

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