The red card

Showing White British Children the Red Card

Monday, 12 March 2012

Children's red card
Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC) is to receive (another) 200,000 of taxpayer money in order to ensure that football is not "perverted" by the "influence of the far right".

That's how part time Deputy PM and full time yapping poodle Nick Clegg described the purpose of the cash award at least.
Since we're paying for this organisation to fight supposed racism then perhaps we should look a little more closely at them for racist attitudes of their own.

Their website informs us repeatedly, in varying terms, that whites too can be a victim of racism, although qualifies that with statements such as "The most common form of racism against white people in the UK is against asylum seekers, travellers or migrants from Eastern Europe".

Try telling that to the handful of White British left in some of our enriched schools - but, then again, nobody cares about them. White British children are to be perpetrators of racism or are to be ignored.
We can find more of this attitude in the SRTRC report entitled "The barriers to challenging racism and promoting race equality in England's schools".

Hmm, one wonders just what needs challenging, who needs promoting, and just who is racist with attitudes which need changing. The report wastes no time in telling us.

"If racism is left unchallenged white British pupils will develop a deep-seated intolerance and will be unable to value diversity"
There we go, instantly white British children are singled out as the racists, in need of challenging. Our perpetrator is clearly identified.

To reinforce this, we're quickly informed that "Racism can lead to children from black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds and groups becoming disempowered and disenfranchised as learners".

Victims created, and not a mention of white British as possible recipients of racism. As we have already stated, the white British children are singled out as the perpetrators.

Should we still have any doubt, we're informed how racism arises : Racism historically arises from the belief that different races are hierarchically ordered, with the White race at the top.
Is there any clearer way of saying whites made racism?

We quite simply have SRTRC stating that whites made racism, white British children are racist, and minority children are victims of white racism. Every single example given in the report is, of course, a minority suffering from racism with it implied, if not always openly stated, that the perpetrator is white.

Yet it's wrong to generalise apparently. Later on an example of discrimination is used in which a statement of "those Muslims coming over here to blow us up" is made and singled out for attention.

So we can't say Muslims - who aren't even a race! - have a tendency towards terrorism, yet SRTRC can open a report by proclaiming - in no uncertain terms - that whites created racism, and that white British children are racists in need of having their attitudes challenged.

Isn't saying that about whites and white British children a bit - well, very - racist?
And this is the rubbish we're funding, our money pays for the message that the white British are always racists, minorities are always victims. A racist system, biased against whites, cloaked in the guise of combating racism in other words.

White perpetrator, minority victim. It's always the same. The whole programme of fighting racism could more accurately be described as a program for oppressing and brainwashing whites. It's the fault of whites, whites hate others, whites should hate themselves and always be on the look out for signs of their inherent racism - that's the over-riding message.

What we see, time and time again, is the white British being shown the red card. Our guilt, and that of our children, is already decided. The racism against us is enshrined in law, funded by the state, and hidden within the liberal doublespeak of anti-racism.
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