Polling Fraud

Tower Hamlets electoral fraud: here’s some more evidence

April 26, 2012 by Eeyore

From The Telegraph:
By Andrew Gilligan April 26th, 2012

Both the BBC and the Standard are today running hard with the story I broke on Sunday about fake votes and postal vote harvesting in last week’s Spitalfields byelection, narrowly won by Gulam Robbani, the candidate of the extremist-linked and Ken Livingstone-backed mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman.

The allegations have now been referred by the Electoral Commission to the police. The Electoral Commission was in its usual hopeless form on the World at One this afternoon, claiming there was no evidence of widespread fraud in Tower Hamlets. Here is some more evidence they might like to consider.

At a flat in Hobsons Place, Hanbury Street, a man named Abdul Manik is shown on the council’s official records as having cast a postal vote in the byelection. I called at the flat on Tuesday. Mr Manik’s daughter, Jona, told me that he was dead. He’d died in Bangladesh, where he’d lived for several years, the previous week.
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