Overseas Aid?

No Swings (but the waiters are provided for)

By Austen Davies
The old adage reads:
"For the want of a nail a shoe was lost.
For the want of a shoe a horse was lost.
For the want of a horse a knight was lost.
For the want of one knight the battle was lost.
By the loss of that battle the Kingdom was lost".
And thus everything was lost - for the want of one nail

This principle is writ large in our Britain of 2014; to the disgrace of Carlisle City Council, for the want of £25,000, 21 play areas are to be dismantled - to leave our children with "imaginative play areas" in which to occupy themselves; shame on them.
David Cameron
For the want of £5 million - the cost of dredging five rivers - the West Country in general and the Somerset Levels in particular has been abandoned to its' fate.
17,000 acres (more than one-tenth) of the Levels have been under water for over a month now, and 150 dwellings with them. When the waters finally subside homes will stand polluted with everything from raw human and animal slurry to agricultural chemicals. Farmland will likewise be contaminated; crops may not be harvested, nor animals grazed. 
It is a monumental tragedy and - notwithstanding the complacent and fatuous Lord Smith and his outrageous, dismissive Environment Agency - an entirely predicable and, therefore, preventable one. But "No money" is the cry.
No money to support the people of Britain - but a staggering £11.1 BILLION available as Foreign Aid. The Chancellor increased the fund by £1 billion only a matter of weeks ago. And where does it go?
Oil-rich Nigeria - now the largest economy in Africa - cops for £305 million of it, and India - one of the Worlds' largest economies - not much less.
Then there is:
Ethiopia - £261 million
Pakistan - £203 million
Bangladesh - £196 million
Interestingly, all the above nations have a current, active space programme - so it's good to know our money is being well utilised, isn't it?
Other major recipients of British taxpayers' funds include China (oh, yes!), Brazil (uh-huh) and Argentina (aren't they threatening to . . . ?).

We pay for a TV channel in Turkey; we pay for promoting tourism in Iceland, and we pay for training hotel-waiters in Barbados.

We can dish out cash in every corner of the World, and send £600 million to Syria - but we can't stump up for a kiddies playground in Carlisle.
I'm not suggesting for one moment that the poor Syrians aren't deserving of help - just that our poor Brits are too.
Perhaps our Elected Representatives might care to comment?
Those that aren't too busy worrying about where they will put their bottoms following the European and Local Government Elections to be held this coming May, that is.

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