Our Culture

Our Land, Our Culture!


Traditional English Folk Culture has been all but destroyed, as it has been legally forced to give way to alien cultures, multi-Culturalism is a lie. For an (indigenous) culture to live, it must be protected and nurtured. No two Cultures can co-exist without one being destroyed.

In the case of European Culture, the Governments of Europe have criminalised our ways and forced us to tolerate that which destroys us.
Enough is enough!
Let us say "no" to the Multi-Cultists and the globalist harmonisers.

Our Culture is worth defending and strengthening. If that means other cultures must give way to us, in our own lands, then so be it. Our Lands - Our Culture!

Those who are aware of the dangers inherent in internationalism; those who resist attempts to reduce humanity to atomised units of bland, indistinguishable culturally-void producer-consumers, must see that the only way we can escape the creeping death of multi-culti internationalism is to embrace fully, the sacred union of tradition, blood and soil.

At the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, the horrific anti-indigenous spite of the Establishment overflowed into an orgy of multi-culti obscenity.

The opportunity to showcase our OWN culture was sacrificed in order to push forward the death-cult of internationalism. If the UK was still in the hands of its indigenous folk and controlled by us and for us, we would have seen a festival of culture, celebrating our traditions and that which appeals to our collective unconscious; not that which belongs to aliens (immigrants).
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