Muslims attack Jew

Muslimas Beat up "Filthy Jew" in Montreal

November 6, 2013 by Baron Bodissey

The context of this video is the proposed new law banning religious garb and symbols in Quebec, which Muslims understand (quite accurately) to be aimed at the hijab.
A Montreal man provoked an extreme reaction from some Muslim women in a restaurant when he asked them what they thought of the proposed law.

Many thanks to Susan K for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video of the incident:

Here's what Vlad had to say in his intro:

There is a lot of information I don't have yet but expect to have within the next 24 hours.
But here is some of what I do know.
I believe this happened very recently, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013 at a coffee shop in Montreal. Tim Horton's I believe. (Except no apostrophes allowed in Quebec you know!)

I believe that the Jewish man simply asked the women how they felt about the proposed law banning conspicuous religious clothing and symbols, that would have affected them all. He started filming them when they began to be hostile to him. Which was, as I understand it, right away. So yes there was some activity before he began filming, but nothing that one would normally think of as a provocation, and frankly, even if there was, does it justify this?

The police did come and tried to make him delete this video and also talked him out of pressing charges. He now regrets his decision to not press them.
They apparently attacked him again outside the coffee shop. I don't have video of that yet.

Youtube pulled this video down and threatened to close this man's account as well.

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