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Celebrating Multicultural Madness

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

“Multicultural Britain is quite literally a madhouse.”

Paul Weston looks beyond the Tower Hamlets electoral fraud issue to the larger scandal of the colonization of Britain by the (Islamic) Third World.
Celebrating Multicultural Madness
by Paul Weston
Paul Weston
If you import the Third World, you become the Third World, as the saying goes. Which is precisely what has happened to Britain. The Evening Standard reports that police officers are to be stationed at every polling station in Tower Hamlets after the London Met launched an official investigation into allegations of electoral fraud.

This is something fairly new. The British have usually been able to manage without a police presence at polling stations, but not anymore. Along with massive postal vote fraud comes intimidation, courtesy of Islam — which does not of course place too much emphasis on democracy and man-made laws.

The Evening Standard stated the following:

The Met said it would investigate claims the poll in the Banglatown and Spitalfields ward had been rigged — giving victory to Gulam Robbani, an independent candidate backed by the borough’s mayor Lutfur Rahman. He won by just 43 votes… one-in-seven of the postal votes cast in the by-election was rejected.

The one thing that stands out here (apart from Muslim vote-rigging) is the reference to the Banglatown and Spitalfields ward. When occupying armies take control of enemy territory, it is customary to rename the conquered territory. I must be honest, I had no idea there was a Banglatown ward. When was this re-named and is it not a tad sinister that parts of London are being colonised and their ancient names consigned to the dustbin of British history?

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