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Minorities Now Decide General Elections Say Conservatives

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If we needed any further proof that the ballot box is now as colonised as our nation, we have it with revelations that Tory ministers and MP's have been told to attend Eid and Diwali celebrations because they can't win the next election without gaining support from Asian voters.

Perhaps triggered by the Galloway victory in Bradford, where the power of Islam over the ballot box was demonstrated without question, the Tories are now in a flap that in order to stand a chance of winning at the next general election they need to secure the ethnic minority vote.

Think on the implications of that, with a little bit of a reword whilst retaining the same meaning.

According to the Conservatives, you cannot win a general election majority without securing the vote of ethnic minorities.

That means nothing else than an open admission that ethnic minorities, those who have colonised our land, now hold in their hands the power to decide who governs us.

Our electoral process is moot, colonisation is now a fait accompli - the British people have no say in it without winning the votes of our colonisers. Our colonisers are not so stupid as to vote themselves out of Britain, only we were stupid enough to vote ourselves out over the space of decades.

That is one scary situation. We now have to, in effect, ask Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or a whole host of other countries people for permission to elect a British government of which they approve.

One could indeed say that this means we no longer have a national government, rather an international one which cannot be voted into power unless it wins the approval of a foreign populace who happen to now be resident in the UK.

The ramifications of that are truly staggering, one could read further into it that the British people are now no longer a decisive factor at the British ballot box. They have been disenfranchised from the electoral process, and things will only get worse as minority populations increase rapidly.

The Conservatives themselves have now said it - at this point in time it is minorities who will be the decisive factor in who governs us and who determines our future. Our future has now been placed in their hands, we are no longer the deciding factor in elections in our own country.
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