British stoned in Birmingham


Thu, 08/08/2013
Steven Ellis, 41, and brother-in-law Jason Hendry, 22, had to be rescued by officers after being assaulted by outraged residents in a Birmingham street.
The pair who were doing the walk in aid of a dogs' home, said officers told them the scant outfits had offended Muslims living along the route. Jason said: "It's disgusting. I was angry with the way people reacted. "We tried to explain it was a bit of fun to help charity. I am shocked this should happen in our city." The duo were each walking a dog, which is usually enough to offend the barbarians, and were being supported by family when trouble ignited

Steven's wife, Victoria, 36, who was behind in a car with the couple's five children, said: "We stopped to give the dogs a drink, and we were suddenly surrounded. The men were threatening to fight Jason".

"Within minutes, a crowd of 30 or 40 men assembled and were throwing stones and eggs at us. They were shouting at Jason that he was a pervert and a paedophile.
"One of them called me a dirty white slag. The children were petrified." Steven and Jason planned to walk eight miles from Solihull to Birmingham Dogs Home in the city centre. The trouble kicked off in the heavily Muslim populated Sparkbrook area of the city.
West Midlands police escorted the men, who raised £300 for the charity, and the family members to the dogs' home.
Officers - who were at the scene of the attack for some 25 minutes said trouble was caused by the choice of fancy dress.

Many indigenous British may often be offended and intimidated by Wahhabi Muslim women clad in their abaya, jilbaab or khimaar with a complete hijaab. And many indigenous British may often be offended or intimidated by the men covered in their un-British looking clothing.

All the same, the British will just leave the public stoning to the Wahhabi 7th Century cult.

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