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Lord Stoddart and the EU

Lord Stoddart was first elected to Parliament in 1970, being created a lord in 1983.

Lord Stoddart is currently joint president of the cross-party movement Campaign for an Independent Britain.

Paul Weston
Lord Stoddart’s rare and clear-sighted view of the European Union was articulated by his Press Office during the last Europe-wide election to the European Parliament in 2009, when he declared:

“I am appalled at the refusal of the government to tell the public the truth about the extent to which the United Kingdom is now governed by the European Union and that vital decisions affecting our interests are being taken by a gaggle of 26 other nations, whose interests are often inimical to those of Britain. The only way to save our country from complete absorption into a single centralized European state is to leave the EU but not one of the major political parties supports this policy

Barely a month prior to our interview with Lord Stoddart, his probing questions in Parliament had resulted in the publication of figures proving that Britain’s membership of the European Union was causing great harm to British trade.

“This is a plot by people who want to abolish nation-states and create a United States of Europe,” he said. “The whole thing is barmy. These people are determined to achieve their final objective. The only hope for Britain is to leave the EU and become an independent nation.”

In a frank and fascinating exchange with the Trumpet, Lord Stoddard had the following to say about the EU and Britain:

Trumpet: Lord Stoddart, is the EU good, as some have claimed, for British trade?

L.S.: Britain’s trade deficit with the EU has destroyed Britain’s manufacturing base. In the 1973 year of joining, 32 percent of Britain’s GDP was from manufacturing industries. Today it’s only 10 percent. Regarding exports, 18 percent of Britain’s exports go to the USA—only 8 percent to Germany! Pro-EU opponents say that 45 percent of our exports go to the EU, go to Rotterdam. But the truth is that this 45 percent goes through Rotterdam, which is an “interport,” on its way to other non-EU export destinations, including, for instance, Britain’s Commonwealth network, etc.

Trumpet: What is the main problem with the EU?

L.S.: The whole edifice of the EU is anti-democratic, not-undemocratic but anti-democratic. There is zero accountability. The unelected Commission has sole power to put forward legislation. “Ever closer union” is their stated objective. Once legislation has been agreed by the EU Council of Ministers, it then proceeds immediately to ratification; it cannot be discussed in our British Parliament, including the House of Lords. I sit on the House of Lords Standing Committee on the EU, but the committee’s recommendations never alter any EU legislation, our recommendations are just ignored.
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