The Lion Sleeps TonightJan4

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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Hear this you of ENGLAND

Hear this you of England.
Hear this you the people of Europe and of European origin, hear this you the first people of Britain.

The sleeping lion
You have slept, and whilst you slept men of evil will have worked against you, and their work is almost done. You must awake soon, for if you slumber on their work will be done and those waking dawns left to you will be as bitter as they are few. Look now and see how low they have already brought you.

Look what has already been stolen whilst you slept. Many rights, safe to others, are now DENIED to you. You alone, amongst indigenous peoples, will no longer be permitted to defend your culture or your people. Not for you are the protections which international bodies grant to the natives of other lands. Unlike them, your claim to your native land is denied and repudiated by liars.

Liars with the power and, make no mistake, the desire to destroy you. You may not defend your homeland, despite it is the homeland of your ancestors for ten thousand years. You may not organise, you may not represent yourselves in law or in parliament as a unique and sovereign people, even though any other group, but you, may do so.

Those you have elected and those they have appointed will disinherit you, if they can they will destroy you, for it is their aim to destroy you… it is their aim to eradicate and replace you, and they will do so without a qualm.

Evil men ride the soot black steeds of power in your lands and they wish you only ill. They will cut you down, they will burn your history books and replace them with their lies, and then they will do the same to you. If you do not awake soon you will become a forgotten people, a people denied, a people lost. Day by day the evil ones take more from you, and finally, if they can, they will prise it all from your grip and what will you have when it is gone?

Hear this you of England, evil men conspire against you, you need only look and their work is clear to see.
Source Sarah, Maid of Albion

Look up England in the Encyclopedia
Britannica and you'll find these words:-

"Despite the political, economic and
cultural legacy that has perpetuated
it's name, England no longer officially
exists as a country."

As citizens, all that we inherit of real
value is our cultural and spiritual
heritage Yet the English are now almost
the only ethnic group in the world to be
deprived of their identity without a gun
being fired.
The denial of England and Englishness,
is turning the English into stateless
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