Islamic Rage

The Theory and Practice of Islamic Rage

Major Stephen Coughlin lost his contract with the Defense Department some years ago for pointing out in his briefings exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood has accomplished in its penetration of the Pentagon and various agencies of the federal government.

This video is excerpted from a series of briefings Maj.Coughlin gave under the auspices of the Center for Security Policy. This sample describes the ideological motivation and the modus operandi of the ongoing "Days of Rage" in the Middle East that have unfolded over the past week. The riots and attacks by Muslims on American targets are ostensibly a response to a movie entitled Innocence of Muslims, yet Maj.Coughlin described them with exactitude before they occurred.
The current crisis is part of the ten-year plan launched by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which has been covered at length in this space over the last few years. None of the violence is accidental or spontaneous - it has all been coordinated at the highest levels by OIC, working through the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:
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