Mass Immigration


Paul Weston's latest essay concerns the contribution that rampant welfare fraud is making to the looming bankruptcy of Great Britain.

Mass Immigration, Fraud and Bankrupt Countries
by Paul Weston
One of the bigger lies promulgated by the liberal/left is that immigration is an absolute necessity if we wish to expand our economy. This is simply not the case: immigration is crippling us as a country. When one bears in mind we are already technically bankrupt, then immigration is just hastening our final day of economic reckoning.

In 1997 the population of Britain was 58.4 million. In 2011 it was 62.6 million. These are official government figures, and thus have little credibility because our politicians routinely lie to us. Indigenous Brits are in demographic decline and an unknown number emigrate every year. The last Labour government admitted they had no real idea how many immigrants were here - nor illegal immigrants - but we can safely assume there are many more foreigners than official figures suggest.

If these foreigners were making a positive contribution to Britain's economy then perhaps objecting to their presence could be construed as the behaviour of snarling, right-wing, bigoted racists. If, on the other hand, they act as a drain upon the British economy, then the lies of their liberal/left apologists should be exposed as an ideology of anti-British, anti-capitalist, anti-white racism.

This argument is fairly easy to prove. We need only look at the associated cost to the government (our taxpayer money) of welfare services provided in 1997 and 2011. For a bankrupt country, it makes rather sobering reading:

Government Spending on Welfare Costs
1997---£111 Billion
2011---£227 Billion

There are approximately 30 million tax-payers in Britain who now pay almost £4,000 a year more than they did in 1997 for welfare alone, quite apart from funding the huge increases in health service and education costs for our new arrivals. So where is all this money going?

Well, a fair old chunk is stolen by the likes of Romanian Gypsy Lavinia Olmazu, recently jailed for her role in a £10 million benefits scam. She fraudulently obtained 368 National Insurance (NI) numbers, which she then sold to her fellow immigrants who used them to claim welfare, housing benefit, child allowance etc etc.

This fraudulent use of only 368 NI numbers is just a drop in the ocean however. In 2007, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis stated there were 76 million supposedly valid NI numbers in existence — 29 million more than there are eligible British citizens in the United Kingdom! What are these 29 million NI numbers used for? Simple, they are used to steal money from us, the British tax-payer.

Another Roma Gypsy, Telus Dimitru, used the same NI numbers scam to net just under £1 million of welfare fraud. He doesn't have to pay it all back though, because Romanian house prices have dropped apparently, poor chap. He cannot compete with Nigerian Abimbola Abiola though, who tried to claim £3.8 million in welfare over a ten year period, which entailed the use of 1,400 different identities and NI numbers.
Ten years and nobody noticed, maybe Britain really is finished.
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