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Illegal Immigrants at the Front of the Queue

Sun, 03/11/2013

By Dr Phil Edwards,
Recent Home Office figures show that almost one million illegal immigrants in the UK use £3.7billion worth of taxpayer-funded health and education services every year, and on top of that, a leading surgeon has had to endure a "fitness to practise investigation" by the General Medical Council for refusing free treatment to an ineligible health tourist!

Prof Meirion Thomas, senior cancer surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, was cleared, but said he believed that around 5 per cent of the patients he treated were health tourists who had come to Britain specifically for free treatment, adding "One of the most awful things that happens to me is that I have to cancel surgery for a legitimate patient because of a health tourist who is ineligible for care, that really, really bothers me."

Heathrow Arrivals

This so called "health tourism" costs the NHS around £2billion a year and Professor Thomas says he is not allowed to declare that a patient is ineligible "because the minute that patient walks in to see me, I have a duty of confidentiality to that patient. I cannot even tell my overseas visitor officer [a hospital official with the job of recovering money from non-NHS patients] that I am suspicious the patient is there illegally. The loopholes are phenomenal."

NHS rules specify that cancer patients must start treatment within 62 days of being referred, meaning that some health tourists take precedence over British patients.

Two London hospitals - Guy's and St Thomas's, which with many others in London have a high proportion of overseas patients - are said to be involved with the "Lagos shuttle" where women from West Africa come for free NHS maternity treatment.

These days it seems fashionable to knock Britain and moan about our institutions but we must remember that we are still the greatest country in the world (cleverest and most innovative people, most beautiful natural countryside, best weather (on balance, at least), great native food, some of the finest universities and academic institutions, the NHS, greatest symphony orchestras and classical musicians. I could go on but let us not forget that all of this is being destroyed in front of our very eyes by the not so hidden enemy, the Hidden Hand of cultural Marxism - or as we know it - Political Correctness, aided and abetted by the mass media. Tackle that alien doctrine and all will be saved.
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