No Tricoleurs Allowed!

August 5, 2013 by Baron Bodissey

As recently reported by Islam Versus Europe, a woman in France was refused service in a culturally enriched restaurant — and then had a bucket of water thrown on her — because she was wearing a T-shirt with a French flag on it.

In the links and news post right below this one, I put in a video of a French woman who was denied service at a restaurant in France because she had a French flag on her shirt. Here is the link and video again.

What a break for her that she found such honest enemies of the state. I wonder how many pv9"">ingested urine, fecal matter, other excreta and poison from restaurants in France that feel exactly the same way but are not above taking a little money for food while violating the basic trust that exists between members of a community when allowing a stranger to prepare your meal for you.

This story is, in my mind, an excellent example of the critical strategic mistake Western nations are making when they use the approach to Islam that they insist on making. This same mistake is the one which prevents us from fighting Islam and its adherents to defend our own liberal-democracies, but is rapidly turning all our nations into intolerable police states with no personal rights or privacy whatsoever in the name of ‘national security’ resembling the Post-Orwellian dystopia presented in the movie, Brazil. Turning our nations into totalitarian states which may not be much different from sharia ruled ones in day-to-day practical reality in fact.

And what is this strategic error? Why the one that Major Nidal Hasan in fact is trying to help us correct. The one where we invent the enemy’s motives for him such as “work-place violence” etc. so that we will be able to continue to float the illusion that Islam is a wonderful part of our multicultural mosaic, as opposed to a supremacist ideology of manifest-destiny.

And how does it apply to this restaurant? Try refusing service to a Muslim and then throwing a bucket of water at him at your local restaurant and see how that goes for you. The penalty you will get will be exponentially higher than what it should be based on the actual damage of the act which should amount to a dry cleaning bill and that’s about all. But the real yet unstated crime you will have committed is threatening the narrative and for that you will get jail time. We see that in England regularly where selective enforcement of speech and thought crimes are wildly tilted in favour of muslims.
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