Free speech lost

How do they take free speech away from us without us realising it?

Simple - by allowing us to say extremely controversial things about certain subjects and by allowing us to use humour and political satire about these subjects. We think we are free, but we forget the other subjects that are closed and not subject to comment.

In the West we have more sexual freedom than ever, and once controversial 'swear' words are now the norm even on live TV. We are allowed to insult our politicians by satirising them, and we can push the boundaries of 'good taste' with offensive humour.

Under this illusion we believe that we are genuinely free, but speak out against the wrong subjects and you will find yourself in trouble. Look at what has happened to Tommy Robinson?

The same sort of trick was used in Brazil whilst under the rule of dictatorship. The government who controlled the people gave them certain freedoms that they had been denied before. This way they would not realise how they were being controlled. Criticism of the government of course, was out of bounds!

The people were given pornography. Brazilian TV was rife with it and an 'anything goes' attitude applied to it. Whilst the masses were dumbed down with an overload of sex, the regime continued with its political aims.

Dictatorships start by silencing critics (which is what Islam is trying to do). The people don't realise at first as they don't lose their other freedoms straight away, in fact they are often given other freedoms which they never had before. In the case of Islam, child-abusers will be given more freedom and so will wife-beaters. Homosexuality will be greatly marginalised and eventually made illegal but paedophilia will be decriminalised.

These are things that Leftists are unaware of because they have a narrow concept of history. They will eventually become the biggest victims of an Islamic state as Islam approves of virtually nothing that the Left support. Ordinary married men and women with families will suffer from job losses, or be made to work on low pay for Muslim employers, but they will lose little else (not at first anyway). The Leftists on the other hand will suffer a lot more as their will be no more tree-hugging, no more lesbian or gay couples, no more lesbian adoption, no more equal employment rights for women, no more new age beliefs, no more drugs, no more alcohol, and no more demos or marches.

This will be poetic justice as the stupid liberals will not know what has hit them and will not have the will to fight back. The enablers will be the biggest victims of their own stupidity and will get exactly what they deserve.

As they say 'you made your bed, you lie in it!'

All men lose when freedom fails,
The best ones land in filthy jails,
And those who cried appease, appease,
Are hung by those they tried to please.
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