That's another £50m in foreign aid

Thu, 19/09/2013

The government has refused to cut its foreign aid spending at a time when many disabled Brtis are forced off welfare help by the Tory-Lib Dem cuts; in fact they are increasing it further.

Those in the UK who are seriously ill find financial assistance either cut or withdrawn completely, yet our government is willing to hand out even more cash to foreign countries. Somalia is still a war torn country and it would be correct to say that many women and children as well as men have been hit massively by the terror caused by yet again Islamic rebels.

The British government has just pledged a further £50m in aid to the country, which still has large areas of its land controlled by groups like Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab.

Last month it emerged that the terror group Al Shabaab had taken control of £500,000 of British aid which had been destined to help the poor. The Islamist group couldn't believe their luck.

The government in London tell us that £25m will go, or is supposed to go, towards treatment for 8,400 children for malnutrition and some 5,300 babies to get life-saving immunisations.

These are figures quoted by the mainstream media; if correct then it seems an awful lot of money to feed just 8,400 children.

The second £25m will, we are told help boost Somalia's economic development by supporting a recovery plan including investment in infrastructure, sanitation, agriculture and jobs. Sounds very noble, but the government seems to forget something.

The terrorists and rebels still control large swathes of Somalia and until they are defeated then the money ploughed into Somalia could one day be controlled by those evil people.

The African Union needs to deploy a massive African force with armour to smash these rebel groups for once and for all and take back the Islamist controlled territory.

Unless that can be done the UK will continue to plough massive amounts of your taxes to this war torn country with no limit or end.

That certainly must worry many.

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