Van Rompuy and EU accounts

EU auditors must tone down criticism of Brussels spending, says Herman Van Rompuy

By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels 13 Sep 2013

The EU president told the Europe's Court of Auditors that he wants it to ensure that its findings get positive headlines and preach the benefits of European spending worth over £110 billion a year.

Herman Van Rompuy
"Your reports are not released into a void but into the rough and tumble of political life and media reporting," he said on Thursday night. "Every year, they generate headlines that 'yet again the EU's accounts have not been signed off', with deceptive allegations of fraud and mismanagement. You and I know that such headlines can be misleading.

"Given this media handling of information, and its impact on public opinion in some countries, the court might want to give some further thought as to how it can encourage more nuanced reporting."

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, responded to the EU president's comments by describing them "nonsense", according to Downing Street sources.

"The prime minister is absolutely clear that the only way to clear up concerns about Brussels spending is to shine more of a light on it, not less. This kind of nonsense is exactly why the prime minister wants to reform the EU and then let the British people have their say on membership," said the source.
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