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Immigration - now itís the elderly who are expected to pay the price!

09 November 2011...

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A shock report issued by the newly formed, left-wing pressure group, Intergenerational Foundation, is out to make war on one of societyís softest targets: the elderly. In their unashamedly ageist attack on senior citizens, whom they consider to be fair game, the Foundation, launched by Labourís Tessa Jowell, has issued a report that is blatantly draconian and hostile to the interests and well-being of the elderly - all in the name of ífairnessí, of course. The proposal is that because of the current housing shortage, older people should be taxed out of their family homes in order to make room for younger families.

On the surface this might seem to be a sensible suggestion, but when seen in the light of the fact of the net figure of over a quarter of a million immigrants entering the country last year, the implications become far more sinister.

As I have been saying for a long time, large numbers of newcomers need to be both serviced and accommodated somewhere - because itís a fact of life that you canít squeeze a quart into a pint pot. (And I make no apologies for using imperial measurement!) So, where shall we put them all? Where indeed! According to the Intergenerational Foundation, the answerís quite simple - turf out all those lonely oldies living in three bedroom houses and push them into accommodation that is Ďmore suited to their needs,í to make way for younger families! So much for the age-old saying Ďan Englishmanís home is his castleí!

When, oh when will the British public wake up? How much longer will they be prepared to sit back and watch their birthright being stolen before their eyes? Our national sovereignty has been hijacked by Brussels so that we canít even make our own laws any more.

Our politicians ignore our wishes, even though we elected them to represent our interests. Our children are being sold short in the education system, health tourists from abroad exploit our already over-stretched NHS, and our own people canít get jobs, which are being given to foreign nationals.

And now, senior members of society, who deserve respect and the dignity of some space in their declining years, having worked all their lives to earn it, are blatantly being told to move over because they are in the way! Even to make such a pointed and offensive suggestion is indicative of how far some politicians are prepared to go in this full-scale attack on the interests of the people of this country.
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