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Nick Clegg refused to pay his bar bill for thousands of pounds at grace-and-favour home

Nick Clegg refused to pay his bar bill for thousands of pounds at grace-and-favour home... and thinks you should pick up the tab: Row erupts over Lib Dem leader's lavish entertaining

Nick Clegg shares Chevening, in Kent, with the Foreign Secretary.
Landowner Edward Barham complained after Mr Clegg objected to the bill.
The complaint led to negotiations with Mr Clegg who paid most of the tab.
The taxpayer was left to foot the rest of the bill from Cabinet Office coffers.
Mr Clegg earns £134,000 a year and his wife Miriam is paid up to £500,000.

Cleggy and Wife
Nick Clegg was the subject of a formal complaint after refusing to pay a food and drinks bill
for thousands of pounds at his official grace-and-favour home.

The official in charge of Chevening, the palatial Kent mansion used by the Deputy Prime Minister,
protested to the Cabinet after Mr Clegg objected to paying for lavish entertaining at private functions.

After a bitter dispute with Mr Clegg, taxpayers were forced to meet part of the bill, with the Liberal Democrat leader
reluctantly paying the lion’s share.

Chevening, near Sevenoaks, was built in the 17th Century and has 115 rooms. Mr Clegg shares it with Foreign Secretary
William Hague.

They are allowed to use the stately home for free, with food and drink supplied, when on official business
such as entertaining visiting dignitaries.

But they must pay for food and drink when using it privately with family and friends.

Well-placed sources say Mr Clegg, who has taken full advantage of his free access to Chevening with his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez,
had paid for much of his private entertaining, but had disputed that he was liable for some costs.

A source said: ‘Mr Barham was very cross. William Hague pays all his bills promptly, but Clegg wouldn’t.

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