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A report by Mike Whitby, for BNPTV - Karen Downes interview 8th March 2012 – Q: Will the Downes family ever receive justice?

Recently we went to Blackpool and spoke to Karen Downes (see video left), the mother of Charlene, who was allegedly murdered in a Blackpool kebab house. Her body has never been found and no-one has ever been convicted of her murder.

Just over a week ago, Karen’s son Robert was fined for punching one of Charlene’s alleged murderers.

Then later that day, Robert and his friend Andy were attacked by a doorman and scarred for life. The man who did this is not a Muslim, but he is a friend of the alleged murderers. Karen and her family are convinced that this was a revenge attack, but the police are not interested in pursuing the case.

Just over a month ago, Robert Downes, Charlene’s 20 year old younger brother, had just been shopping at Tesco’s, in Blackpool, and he saw Mohamed Reveshi on a street. Robert was incensed that this man is still freely walking around Blackpool, when virtually everybody, including the police, believe he murdered Charlene.

Robert dropped his shopping and punched Reveshi, putting him on his backside. He didn’t do any more than that and he then walked away and went home. Arguably, Robert showed a great deal of restraint, considering the enormous amount of provocation he was under.

As many of you will already know, Karen’s daughter, Charlene, was murdered nine years ago. The people who the Lancashire Police believe are responsible for her murder were never convicted, as the case collapsed, due to a technicality. These two Muslim men then successfully claimed £500,000 from the British taxpayer, in ‘compensation’.

This is despite the fact that the police had 52 separate tape recordings of these men discussing and boasting of how they murdered Charlene.
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