Attack on disabled man


Totally ignored by any of the major papers is news of yet another vile pack attack by our enrichers - this time on a disabled man.

Majid Ali, Syed Amar Shah, and Mubasheer Ali, were among a gang of trash who attacked 41 year old Matthew Ellis near the Frizinghall Community Centre in Bradford last year.

Ellis was pelted with bricks and stones by the baying mob, and left requiring emergency brain surgery.

brick attack
He had to have a metal plate put in his arm, and had his skull opened and staples inserted after a stone damaged the membrane surrounding his brain. The attack left him physically and psychologically scarred.

All three of the enrichers named here were convicted of wounding with intent.

Shah got six years prison, Majid Ali six years, Mubasheer Ali two and a half years.

Judge Jonathan Rose said that they had brought shame on their community and families. Wonder which community that is?

And, of course, there was no racist element to the prosecution case at all.

Had it been white thugs batter some poor disabled Asian with bricks then all know it would be a whole different matter, and the story would be all over the press day in and day out.

When minority is a victim every stop is pulled out to shove that racist label on it, when minority is the offender then racism can never be involved.

Got to skew those hate crime stats to show that minority suffers, whitey is always the perpetrator of hate, somehow.

Britain and the British people best get used to it - we ain't seen nothing yet, and the press makes damn sure we don't hear much about the opening shots of hatred from our enrichers.

And, remember, it's never a hate crime when they do it to us.

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