White children abused by asians

When is Britain Going to Wake Up?

Leaked reports handed to the Times (the Daily Mail also cover it) have revealed a massive cover-up of child sexual exploitation by Muslim enrichers in Rotherham, and the authorities complicity for reasons of 'cultural cohesion'.

One twelve year old white girl, raped and abused, was even offered lessons in Urdu and Punjabi apparently so she would become engaged in education!

A fifteen year old spent days in hospital after a pair of vile enrichers rammed a broken bottle inside her.

Fifty four children, eighteen of whom identified one man as their boyfriend, were linked to a set of three Pakistani brothers. It is alleged a number of them became pregnant.

A different three Pakistani brothers were linked to 61 girls, and another 41 of the brothers associates were linked to exploitation of the girls.

A 14 year old held in a flat and forced to perform sex acts on Pakistanis and a Kurd asylum seeker. Despite identifying her attackers to police nothing was done.

A 13 year old found at 3am in a house full of enrichers who had plied her with vodka. She was arrested for being drunk, none of the enrichers were even questioned.

"Possibly the most shocking threat is the existence of substantial and organised offender networks that groom and exploit victims on a worrying scale. Practitioners throughout the force state there is a problem with networks of Asian offenders both locally and nationally" states one of the leaked reports.

Another report, for the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board, states that great care will be taken in drafting it "to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham's qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided."

The authorities don't care - best keep it quiet, have to avoid suggestions that it's a cultural phenomenon and make sure nothing is said that might make people think diversity is anything but brilliant.

Keep it quiet, hush it up, and in the silence another - and another, and another - white girl is raped, abused, passed around these vermin.

Britain should be sick of it. The Sikhs, when one of their girls was (allegedly) raped by a Muslim enricher, put hundreds on the streets to protest.

It's sickening. No wonder the Muslims exploit our children - they know we're gutless, we'll do nothing at all, we'll make excuses for them, authorities will cover it up, and that we're a cowed population who lives in fear of offending the Muslim invader.
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